Chunks Noir 60% cacao

Dark Chunks 60%

25 kg Made in France


Ecuador, São Tomé, Peru and Dominican Republic

Variety of cocoa

Nacional, Amelonado, Trinitario

Chunks are maxi chocolate chips that contain little cocoa butter. Their generous size allows them to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C. It is the ideal shape for integrating them into bakery or biscuit products and obtaining a result that is as delicious as it is generous.

These chunks are perfect for adding a good chocolate taste to your cookies, brioches, pastries, panettone or even muffins.

Aromatic profile
Head note fresh fruits, dried fruits
Note of heart cocoa, chocolate
Background notes cocoa, chocolate
sans lécithines sans vanille


Did you know that cocoa could be responsible for deforestation? It’s true but not at Kaoka! Our direct link with growers allows us to control the total traceability of our cocoa and to implement effective solutions with them to guarantee you zero deforestation cocoa.

Kaoka chocolates are made with 100% cocoa from our integrated sectors: Ecuador, Sao Tome, Peru and Dominican Republic. A choice that allows us to ensure that the cocoa used is of high quality, grown with respect for the environment and biodiversity and truly profitable for our growers partners.


partner growers in 2022

428,699 trees

produced and distributed to our producer partners as part of agroforestry and plantation renovation programmes between 2020 and 2022

691 ha

of agroforestry plantations renovated between 2020 and 2022

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At Kaoka, nothing is left to chance

Thanks to its integrated programs’ model, Kaoka is present at all stages (from the selection of varieties to the preparation of chocolate recipes) to guarantee the highest quality chocolates with exemplary traceability.

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