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june 2023

august 2022
CHRISTMAS: 4 very tasty chocolate recipes

juillet 2022
DECLINE IN CONSUMPTION OF ORGANIC PRODUCTS – Consequences for climate change and future purchasing power

may 2022
NEW TABLET – Dark Chocolate Candied Ginger

april 2022
EASTER 2022 – Buying organic chocolate for Easter: A real activist act!

december 2021
PÂQUES & Saint Valentin 2022 – Gourmandise in all its forms with Kaoka chocolate!

october 2021
Press Briefing – Towards a sustainable gourmet and zero-deforestation cocoa

september 2021
SIRHA 2021 – Kaoka speaks out: stop greenwashing in the cocoa industry!

march 2021
NEWS PERU – Kaoka launches two new 100% Peruvian tasting tablets: an exemplary program!

january 2021
EASTER 2021 – Why Easter 2021 will be organic and ethical for chocolate artisans

october 2020
NOËL 2020 – Fall for vegan truffles at Christmas!

september 2020
SIRHA GREEN 2020 – Christmas chocolate will be French, Organic and Ethical with Kaoka!