We are a french family company, a pioneer of organic fair trade and experts in cocoa.

We have been campaigning passionately for nearly 30 years for organic and ethical chocolate of excellence.


Organic cocoa is a good thing, but at Kaoka we have decided to go further still by integrating the protection of fragile ecosystems, the promotion of agroforestry, reforestation, soil restoration, and more.


Since 1993, Kaoka has made sure that cocoa cultivation represents a real path of economic development for its partner growers.


Organic, fair… and above all with an inimitable flavour because KAOKA is first and foremost a team of cocoa enthusiasts! Our model was built to guarantee intensely rich, aromatic chocolates.

Fair for all

Because the “fair” dimension is part of an overall approach, Kaoka wants its quality organic chocolates to be accessible to as many people as possible.

You're going to say… how is it possible to guarantee organic, ethical, quality and fair chocolate for all?

Our answer is that we use the integrated programs’ model. A model that we have spent several years building with our partner growers. Take a look at it, step by step.

KAOKA in numbers
28 years

of initiatives to defend organic and ethical chocolate

A growers and Guy Deberdt in one of 4 integrated cocoa programs of Kaoka
4 programs

integrated cocoa programs : Ecuador, Peru, São Tomé and the Dominican Republic


of KAOKA cocoa is certified organic and fair sourced only from our 4 integrated programs.


organic and fair trade chocolate references

324 740 trees

planted in association with our partner growers since 2018, as part of the agroforestry and renovation programs for plantations covering 820 hectares


partner growers