Kaoka Dominican Republic

Cocoa that protect the forest

Everyone is aware of the drama affecting the Amazon rainforest. Every company and brand must assume its responsibilities in the face of this phenomenon. KAOKA has been operating in the field for over 25 years. It has observed and confirmed the dramatic effects of climate change on biodiversity, which is threatening the sustainability of the profession of grower and consequently the economy of rural areas.

PROTECTING FORESTS: one of the priorities of Kaoka chocolate.

In light of the emergency, KAOKA has set up ambitious programs to diagnose the ecosystems that need to be protected and proposes agroforestry solutions. KAOKA therefore takes part in international programs and works alongside NGOs for the preservation of the environment.

KAOKA’s vision of organic farming goes beyond the requirements of European regulations.

KAOKA is strongly committed to:

  • the protection of fragile ecosystems,
  • the promotion of agroforestry,
  • reforestation,
  • the guarantee of an additional income for growers by perpetuating their crops and their environment.

ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE because KAOKA works in close collaboration with growers BUT also and above all, because you, the consumer, by choosing us, give us the strength to continue and to go further.

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