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New Ultra Gourmet Chocolate Bars

It’s beautiful, it’s new and, above all, it’s delicious! For 30 years, we’ve been offering you quality recipes with a balanced, authentic taste: chocolate made from aromatic cocoa varieties and carefully selected ingredients. And we’re honoring our commitments with these two absolutely irresistible new recipes.

The gourmet range expands with two new chocolate bars.

New Kaoka gourmet bars

Dark chocolate with candied orange peel, caramelised almonds and hazelnuts.

Dark chocolate bar with candied orange, hazelnuts and almonds - Kaoka brand

The Kaoka® chocolate collection was missing a great classic: a chocolate with candied orange peel. Yes, we already have an orange-flavoured dark chocolate: a bar flavoured with essential orange oil that’s absolutely delicate and delicious. And if you’re a fan of this tablet, you’ll be a fan (or even more so) of this new chocolate! This version is reminiscent of the chocolate beggars we like to eat at Christmas.

Why are you going to love this new product?

  • For its generous size: a thick layer of chocolate for 180g of pure pleasure
  • For its soft candied orange peel
  • For its crunchy caramelised almonds and hazelnuts
  • For the fruity aromas of chocolate from São Tomé, selected for its harmony with citrus and dried fruit.

The cocoa paste is made with cocoa beans from our fair trade organic cocoa program in São Tomé, with the BIOPARTENAIRE® label.

The cocoa butter is made with cocoa beans from our 4 organic Fair Trade cocoa programs: Ecuador, São Tomé, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Find out more about the dark chocolate bar with candied orange peel and caramelised almonds and hazelnuts.

Milk chocolate with whole almonds, caramel and fleur de sel

Milk chocolate bar with almonds, caramel and fleur de sel - kaoka brand

We dreamt about it for a long time… 😍 So we did it! We’ve developed a new recipe for organic Fairtrade milk chocolate that’s extra indulgent.

Delicious milk chocolate (from France!), whole roasted almonds, caramel chips and a touch of fleur de sel … Do we need to tell you more?
This new bar has definitely become the favourite of the team’s milk chocolate fans. We can’t recommend enough that you try this exceptional combination of sweetness, crunchiness and flavour!

The cocoa comes from our fair trade organic cocoa programs, with the BIOPARTENAIRE® label.

Find out more about this new gourmet bar Milk chocolate with almonds, caramel and fleur de sel


Chocolates made from 100% fair-trade cocoa (no mass balance)

All Kaoka® chocolates are made in a segregated process: this means that all the fair trade ingredients (cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar) in our chocolates are genuinely fair trade. Our cocoa paste and cocoa butter contain only the cocoa that we buy fairly-traded from our partner producers.

By choosing Kaoka chocolate, you are supporting almost 5,000 producer families with whom we work in close, long-term partnership in Ecuador, São Tomé, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Find out more about segregated fair trade manufacturing


Kaoka, a chocolate truly committed to fighting deforestation

Members of the Kaoka team and partner farmers on a cocoa plantation in Sao Tomé

Deforestation is a hot topic at the moment. You may even be wondering: how do I know if the products I buy (including my chocolate) are responsible for deforestation?

The Kaoka team is very sensitive and aware of these issues. Our proximity to producers means that we are aware of the problems in producer countries much more quickly and much earlier.

For several years now, we have been working in collaboration with our producer partners. Not only do we raise their awareness, but we also support them in renovating existing plantations to avoid creating new production areas to the detriment of the forest. Deforestation is a highly complex issue with environmental, economic and social dimensions. That’s why we work with international agroecology research organisations.

To find out how we are taking steps to guarantee zero deforestation cocoa, please read this article: Find out more about Kaoka’s commitment against deforestation.


Where can I find the new bars?

See organic shops near you that sell Kaoka chocolate

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