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New 64% Dark coating chocolate: extra fluid

With its 22 certified references, Kaoka is the benchmark for organic and fair trade chocolate and cocoa in France, for all professionals. In 2021, we launched a new 64% dark couverture chocolate from São Tomé, named Roca Grande.

The new Kaoka® 64% dark coating chocolate : what is it used for?


This new recipe has been specially developed for professionals (chocolate makers, pastry chefs, biscuit makers). Extra fluid, it is the ideal chocolate for all your coatings and glazes (chocolate sweets, desserts, cookies). Easy to work with, it has been designed to enhance your creations thanks to its smoothness and shine. Its fruity and woody aromas, characteristics of the Amelonado cocoa variety, will be a perfect match for your chocolate and praline ganaches.

This dark couverture chocolate is also very versatile and is ideal for making ganaches, solid mouldings, etc.

 Everything you need to know about Roca Grande 64% dark coating chocolate


São Tomé : an origin, a story

This story begins in 2001, when the founder of Kaoka arrived in São Tomé and fell in love with both the island and its people. However, the cultivation of cocoa had been abandoned for many years (following the independence of the island in 1975). Everything had to be started from scratch…

Kaoka brought together growers in associations and united them under a single cooperative called the CECAB, created in 2005. Kaoka then organized coordination between the communities and the production of organic cocoa. To enhance São Tomé cocoa in optimal conditions, we built the necessary facilities (fermentation boxes, solar dryers and storage spaces).

However, the island’s cocoa trees, planted over 40 years ago, were getting very old. Sharply declining cocoa production threatened the activity and the income of growers. This is why, in 2012, using the same model as our program in Ecuador, we undertook work to renovate unproductive cocoa plantations. This was a long-term project that resulted in growers seeing their harvests improve year upon year, and consequently their income.

The project revolutionised the country! CECAB quickly became, and remains, the country’s leading exporter.

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