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In the face of covid – a fail-safe model

“The Covid pandemic means we are all experiencing highly complicated circumstances. It is in moments like this that we are reminded just how important it is to control the programs. Why? To maintain a strong and supportive connection with growers and ensure the continuity of food production. KAOKA has always believed in the structuring of programs in partnership with grower organizations. As the programs are fully integrated into our organization, we are able to control the entire production chain.

à retenir In our chocolates, 100% of the cocoa comes from our organic and fair trade programs.

A strong commitment to our partner growers

Thanks to the presence and efficiency of our partners, local teams and grower organizations, we have managed to introduce preventative measures and ensure the continuity of procurement in most of the production zones of the countries where we have our cocoa programs.


Indeed, most local players in producing countries have closed their purchasing operations. But KAOKA shows unwavering support. We continue to buy in order to guarantee our partner growers an outlet for their cocoa. Maintaining this support is particularly important in areas where harvests are already underway. It allows growers to earn income during this difficult period and in countries where the social system provides little or no relief to cope with loss of activity.

Even if we can temporarily no longer visit our programs, we keep up daily exchanges with the cooperatives.

No shortage for Kaoka chocolates

This control of the cocoa programs,together with our current stocks of cocoa beans, means that we can now guarantee the continuity of our activity for the whole of the coming year.

All our chocolates are made in France. The lockdown ordered by the government required a complete reorganization in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations for all staff.

So you will continue to find KAOKA chocolates on the shelves of organic stores in France”

Testimonial from Guy Deberdt, Managing Director of Kaoka




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