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New: Fair trade organic cocoa butter

Palets de beurre de cacao bio équitable

Kaoka® is the benchmark brand in France for organic and ethical chocolate and cocoa for all professionals. Choosing Kaoka chocolate means you have access to a range of 22 references to meet all your needs. Couverture chocolates, drops, baker’s sticks, cocoa powders and one of the latest 2021 novelties, a reference of organic cocoa butter in drops.



Multi-purpose, , it can be used for example to:

  • Fluidify chocolate.
  • Enable the blending of chocolates to make your own recipes.
  • Give consistency to fillings.
  • Make creamy mousses, glazing, cream desserts, ice creams or even spreads.

Cocoa butter is a vegetal fat obtained from the pods. Neutral in taste and colour, it is made from fair trade organic cocoa beans from our 4 integrated programs. Kaoka® cocoa butter is very easy to work with and comes in the form of drops packaged in a 5 kg (11 lb) cardboard box, practical for easy and quick dosing.

Everything you need to know about Kaoka® cocoa butter



For professionals who choose Kaoka chocolate:

  • first and foremost, it’s about working with a chocolate of character, with intense flavour.
  • it also means working with an ethical supplier like themselves, committed alongside them and responsive, driven by a genuine passion for chocolate.

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