Couverture chocolate for Professionals & Industrials - Organic & Fair Trade

Organic and Fair Trade premium chocolate with guaranteed traceability for industry professionals

Consumers today are much more discerning than they were 20 years ago, and are looking for healthy products that respect the men and women who produce them. Are you a food industry professional looking to offer consumers quality, organic and ethical products that meet these new needs?

Because consumers need transparency and are increasingly attentive to the CSR commitments of brands, today’s manufacturers have a clear need to turn to trusted suppliers who can guarantee traceable, ethical and high-quality raw materials. If you’re looking for organic and fair-trade chocolates, such as couverture or laboratory chocolate, and if you want to work with a specialist chocolate supplier who masters the entire process (“tree to bar”), you’ve come to the right place!


Poudre et beurre de cacao bio et équitable pour artisans
Your best organic chocolate partner

Kaoka is the European benchmark for organic and ethical couverture chocolate for food professionals

Organic and fair trade have been part of Kaoka’s DNA since 1993. We are convinced that the food we eat must come from more sustainable agriculture, for the sake of Nature as much as for people’s well-being and well-living. All of these practices ensure food safety and ethical standards that are increasingly crucial, both for professionals (craftsmen and manufacturers) and for end consumers.

We are committed to a stringent, ethical approach to organic production, providing food manufacturers with a total guarantee of quality, thanks to our control of the supply chain through our integrated cocoa programs and the continuous control plan in place at every stage of production.


Kaoka offers two types of milk chocolate couverture:

  • A milk chocolate couverture with 37% pure cocoa from the Dominican Republic:
    A milk chocolate with a cocoa flavour and milky notes accompagnied with fruity and tangy notes. This couverture chocolate is suitable for making coatings, ganaches and solid mouldings.


  • A milk chocolate couverture with 32% cocoa from a multi-origin cooperative blend :
    A milk chocolate with sweet, milky notes, ideal for making ganaches and full mouldings.

In these couverture chocolates, the cocoa, sugar and vanilla are fair-trade and the milk is of French origin.

Available in 25kg bags.

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To meet all the demands of industry professionals, Kaoka also offers an organic and fair-trade white chocolate.

A natural cream colour, this white chocolate with its milky, vanilla notes will add a touch of deliciousness to your products. A white chocolate whose fluidity is ideal for gourmet coatings and hollow or solid mouldings.

The cocoa, sugar and vanilla in this white chocolate are fair trade and the milk is of French origin.

Available in 25kg bags

Did you know that white chocolate cannot be called couverture chocolate? According to European legislation, to qualify for the ‘couverture’ designation, chocolate must contain at least 35% total dry cocoa solids, including at least 31% cocoa butter and at least 2.5% dry non-fat cocoa.

By its very nature, white chocolate does not contain dry non-fat cocoa in its recipe.

The Kaoka experience

Since its creation, Kaoka has chosen to work directly with cocoa producers. This choice enables the company to be sure of the quality of its cocoa, its origin and to control its supplies.

Kaoka sources its cocoa exclusively from its own cocoa programs, which the company has built, to produce its couverture chocolates. Thanks to this unique process, Kaoka is able to offer chocolates with intense flavours and aromas. Behind Kaoka® chocolates, there are 30 years of know-how, 30 years of experience in the plantations, close to the cocoa growers.

At Kaoka, we only have 4 origins, but 4 controlled and traced origins: Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic and Sao Tomé.

Passionate about cocoa, the members of the team work in a constant quest for taste and excellence. Our years of experience have taught us that cocoa is a living product and that many factors influence its taste: the terroir, the variety, the soil, the climate and the environment.

This quest for taste guides every stage in the life of the chocolate: varietal selection, harvesting the pods when ripe, fermenting the extra-fresh beans, precise and controlled fermentation and drying procedures, making the recipes, blending. Thanks to our mastery of cocoa programs, nothing is left to chance.

Chocolates with stringent certifications

All Kaoka products are certified organic and Fair Trade by independent third-party organisations.

This is what allows Kaoka to offer a real guarantee to all professionals.

logo bio européen et français
European Organic Label

Kaoka’s cocoa programs are certified organic (Europe / France) by Ecocert and comply with European organic regulations. This certification guarantees you that the farming is environmentally friendly, preserves soil fertility and maintains biodiversity.

logo biopartenaire et logo fair for life
Fair trade certifications

Kaoka products and cocoa programs are Fair for Life certified by Ecocert, which certifies Fair Trade products worldwide.

They are also certified Biopartenaire, the benchmark label for responsible organic farming.

Other certifications

All our dark couverture chocolates are certified Kosher. If you would like to find out more or obtain the certificate, please contact us using the form below.

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