Industrial & Professional Milk Chocolate - Organic & Fair Trade

Organic and Fair Trade milk chocolate with guaranteed traceability for industry professionals

Because consumers need transparency and are increasingly attentive to brands’ CSR commitments, manufacturers need to turn to trusted suppliers who can guarantee traceable, ethical and high-quality raw materials. If you’re looking for organic and Fair Trade milk chocolate, in couverture and drops form, and if you want to work with a supplier who specialises in chocolate and controls the entire chain (“tree to bar”), you’ve come to the right place!

Chocolat noir à 66% de cacao pure origine Sao Tome

Since 1993, organic and fair trade have been closely linked in Kaoka’s DNA. We are convinced that our food must come from more sustainable agriculture, for the protection of nature and the health of human beings. Together, these practices provide increasingly crucial food safety and ethical standards, both for professionals (artisans and industrials) and for consumers.


We are committed to a demanding and ethical approach to organic farming, providing food manufacturers with a total guarantee of quality thanks to our control of the supply chain through our integrated cocoa programs and the continuous control plan in place at every stage of production.

Organic fair trade couverture chocolates

Kaoka has two different milk chocolate couvertures. High-quality laboratory chocolates, certified organic and fair trade, which can meet all the needs of industrialists: coating, moulding, ingredients, etc.

Milk 37% – Single origin Dominican Republic
Milk 32% – Origins of cocoa : Ecuador, São Tomé, Peru and Dominican Republic

Both products contain sunflower lecithin, fair-trade vanilla and French milk.

Available in 25kg bags.

Organic Fairtrade milk chocolate chips

To meet all the special requirements of industry professionals, Kaoka also offers milk chocolate drops.

36% cocoa milk chocolate drops with vanilla and no lecithins

Available in 25kg bags.


Since its foundation, Kaoka has chosen to work directly with cocoa growers. It’s a choice that allows us to be sure of the quality of our cocoa, its origin and control over our supplies.

Kaoka has constructed its own cocoa programs and sources its chocolates exclusively from these areas for the production of its chocolates. Thanks to this unique approach, Kaoka offers chocolates that are intense in taste and aroma. Behind Kaoka® chocolates, there are 30 years of know-how, 30 years of experience in the fields, close to the producers.

So Kaoka is only 4 origins, but 4 controlled and traced origins: Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic and Sao Tomé.

As cocoa enthusiasts, the team works in a constant quest for taste and excellence. Our years of experience have taught us that cocoa is a living product and that many factors influence its taste: the terroir, the variety, the soil, the climate and the environment. This quest for taste drives every stage in the life of chocolate: selection of varieties, harvesting of mature pods, fermentation of extra-fresh beans, precise and controlled fermentation and drying procedures, recipe preparation and blending. Thanks to our mastery of the production chain, nothing is left to chance.


local variety: Nacional cocoa
An endemic variety and part of the country’s heritage Grand cru cocoa with a rich aroma and characteristic floral and fruity flavours.


Trinitario cocoa: A very smooth cocoa with fruity notes and a malty flavour.

Dominican Republic

Cacao hispaniola (Trinitario): Typical of the Caribbean, this cocoa has a red fruit aroma and deliciously tangy notes.

São Tomé

Cacao Amelonado (Forastero): Cocoa with very typical fruity and woody accents.

Highly certified chocolates

All Kaoka products are certified organic and Fair Trade by independent third-party organisations.

This is what allows Kaoka to offer a real guarantee to all professionals.

logo bio européen et français
European Organic Label

Kaoka’s cocoa production is certified organic (Europe / France) by Ecocert and complies with European organic regulations. This certification is your guarantee of environmentally-friendly farming that conserves soil fertility and maintains biodiversity.

logo biopartenaire et logo fair for life
Fair trade certifications

Kaoka products and supply chains are Fair for Life certified by Ecocert, which certifies Fair Trade products worldwide.

They are also certified Biopartenaire, the standard label for responsible organic farming.

Guaranteed zero deforestation chocolate

In addition to the commitments associated with organic certification, Kaoka ensures that the cultivation of cocoa in its supply chains does not contribute to deforestation. This rule is integrated into its internal organic farming control system for each of its sectors. But this criterion is not included in the European Organic Regulation!

Our CSR commitments

At Kaoka, we’ve been campaigning for organic and ethical chocolate since the company was founded. 100% of the products we offer to manufacturers are certified organic, have a fair trade label and are made in France. Our mastery of the art of cocoa bean processing means we can offer you aromatic chocolates with authentic flavours.


the best organic and fair-trade aromatic chocolate


the future of the cocoa industry with producers


a shared future with all our partners

Organic, ethical and deforestation-free chocolates

Intensive cocoa farming can contribute to the deforestation of primary forests. For Kaoka, having our own cocoa programs means we can work closely with growers. Thanks to this proximity, we can raise their awareness of deforestation issues and, above all, we can offer them practical solutions so that they can improve their income without having to trade off their forests for agricultural production.

And it’s thanks to all these actions that we sign forest conservation agreements with our partner producers, guaranteeing zero deforestation chocolates.

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